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Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy's Beard Care Gloss
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Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy's Beard Care Gloss

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Who's it for?

Men with moustaches or beards. A gentleman's beard or moustache must be well groomed at all times, or risk being mistaken for a cad, or worse, a bounder! This simple yet luxurious grooming aid will prevent this socially disastrous faux-pas.

What is it?

A concentrated herby-woody scented soft wax to soften and condition the beard or moustache. Rich with traditionally used conditioning oils, it leaves the beard soft, glossy, thoroughly conditioned, and easy to trim - with a pleasant, incredibly butch manly fragrance to boot!

Ingredients Benefits
jojoba oil, castor oil protective, conditioning
certified (BFA) organic Australian olive oil, jojoba oil richly conditioning
castor oil penetrates deeply, used for centuries to condition hair
essential oils - a blend of bay, rosemary, cedarwood,lime and eucalyptus richly scented, chosen for their reputation as regenerative/ conditioning benefits to the hair

Directions for use

Drop no more than 1/2 teaspoon into the palm of the hand, rub hands together to warm and work through beard or moustach.

Customer Reviews (Submit a review)

  • "I am in love, this is exactly what I was looking for. My beard smells terrific, first classic ingredients. This is clearly the best, thanks"

  • "My husband LOVES this product! We bought a tin after our wedding anniversary trip there. His beard has been all lengths from five o'clock shadow to currently down to mid chest. His beard smells great, is shiny, soft and manageable and in our opinion has grown faster and longer with use of this stuff! A great buy"

  • "I bought this for my hairy, bearded boyfriend about a month ago and we are both very happy with my purchase. It smells excellent and makes his beard feels so nice and soft from all the goodies being rubbed into it.


  • "I love this product. I have tried others and they don't come close to its quality. The family loves the smell as do I. I also am always impressed by Bee Beauty's excellent service."

  • "This stuff is just awesome! My bearer has been using this on me for a few months now, and I feel incredibly soft, shiny and neat. I'm easier to brush, and I don't go frizzy. To make matters even better, my bearer's girlfriend loves the smell…

    Thanks for a top quality product!


    Ryan's Beard"

    Ryan's Beard
  • "One of my friends had decided to participate in movember and he is not used to have facial hair. I then recommend he try your product. He has now decided to keep his beard."

  • "My husband absolutely loves the Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy's beard care gloss, in fact he won't even consider trying anything else! He also loves the Tasmanian beer shampoo bar. The packaging is very manly in a quirky old fashioned kind of way. I would highly recommend; buy it as a gift for your man, or Guys buy it for yourself either way I'm sure he'll really like it!"

    Deliah from Newcastle
  • "Very impressed with your Beard Care Gloss,been using it for 2 weeks and my beard is a lot softer,my wife also loves the scent.bonus all around."

  • "Dear people from Beauty & the Bees,

    Through an on-line order from the US, I've recently purchased the "Gentleman's beard care gloss". In one word, fantastic! The beard is my pride and joy, so it's a good feeling to know that I'm rubbing some healthy stuff in it - with a superb result at that! The fact that it's not only my beard I want to keep healthy triggered me to look at your website. It has some appealing products listed.

    But, then, my question, do you have retail outlets in the Netherlands (or somewhere close)? If not, can you inform me of the shipping rates from Australia?

    Yours very truly,

    Freddie Hooijer"

    Freddy Hoojier
  • "I was given the 25g tin as a present from a Tasmanian friend, I really like the product and often get told when being kissed that my beard smells tops! So I'm out, and want to get more of this great stuff! Just checking that it's the same product, ie. a wax, not a liquid. Thanks, Pete


    Pete Blackman
  • "
    I've used the Beard Care Gloss for a while myself (my current tin is just about empty, which is why I was looking to order some more), and it is indeed a great product. I've always been sorry we didn't make it to Tasmania on our one trip to Australia years ago, so on our next trip we'll try to do so (and we could purchase some Beard Care Gloss from you without worrying about the shipping!).


    P.S. I also have an avocational vested interest in making sure my beard stays glossy and presentable, as this link attests: www.beardobrothers.com

    Michael Frisbie
  • "Dry skin on my face, scalp and legs is a problem no longer. And my wife likes my beard being softer, too!"

    Peter Jerrim