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 "This cream is an absolutely amazing product.  I don't think I knew what actually feeling 'moisturised' was until I used this cream "( Leatherwood Honey and Olive Ultrarich Moisture cream)  Hina B  says it all about our range of unique handmade Moisture creams.....read more great feedback at the bottom of the product pages

Callington Mill Lemon Barley and Honey Smoother Soap
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Lemon Barley and Honey Smoother
125gm $7.95
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Callington Mill Lemon Barley and Honey Smoother Soap

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Great for all skin types especially dry or sensitive...

One of my my 85 year old grandmother's beauty secret ( and her "face powder" as a demure cosmetic in 1910) was barley flour, which she made with her old rolling pin, bashing away for ages to release the kernel and grind into a fine powder or flour as it is now known, which she also used in a paste to deep cleanse her skin.

She also made a mean Scotch broth with barley too..!

We have taken this nutrititious and versatile grain (grown in Tasmania, milled in the newly restored Georgian Callington Mill in Oatlands, Tasmania,malted at Cascade Brewery) and we then grind the the grains ourselves inhouse into a wonderful, smooth flour.

We then make a superb facial ( and body if you wish) moisturising, cleansing bar with it..

Creamy soothing Tasmanian Barley to soften skin is rich in minerals - this soap is delicately scented with Australian Lemon Myrtle oil, leaves skin fresh,moist,soft and smooth.

A tribute to my granny!

Full ingredient list: Mountain spring water, Raw coconut and olive oils,  soy wax, Leatherwood beeswax and honey,seaweed extract (infused Tasmanian raw kelp ) Callington Mill Barley, essential oils. 

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  • "I have always hated soap...until now! This smells simply beautiful and isn't drying like harsh chemical soaps."

  • "a truly luxurious feeling soap, it lathers beautifully into a creamy richness that smells so sweetly of lemons"