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 "This cream is an absolutely amazing product.  I don't think I knew what actually feeling 'moisturised' was until I used this cream "( Leatherwood Honey and Olive Ultrarich Moisture cream)  Hina B  says it all about our range of unique handmade Moisture creams.....read more great feedback at the bottom of the product pages

Lapsang Rose Tea Bar
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Lapsang Rose Tea Bar

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We are absolute tea junkies ( strong enough to stand your spoon up in)and constantly have a pot on the go. So we thought- how can we get the fabulous internal health benefits into a bar?

After a lot of experimenting with Australian black teas,we proudly present one of the best soaps we have ever made- Dark, smokey and intensely rich, the bar is amazing and feels like no other bar we have seen, used, or made…moisturizing, incredibly refreshing leaves the skin slippy- smooth ( hard to explain) but an all round winner, we are sure that you will love it.

This one is Lapsang Rose Tea, richly rose scented with rose geranium essential oil…mmm.. 

 Full ingredient list: Black Tea, Mountain Spring waterRaw coconut and olive oils,  soy wax, Leatherwood beeswax and honey,seaweed extract (infused Tasmanian raw kelp ) essential oils. 

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  • "I looooved the scent of this one. Left me feeling lovely and soft too. I want to try them all, if they're all this luxurious and delicious!"